Bayou Yoga and Go Yoga have partnered together to provide a Yoga Teacher Training Program that is the perfect opportunity to deepen your practice, share your love of yoga with others, and be inspired.


GoYoga University’s mission is to provide impactful and comprehensive training programs that give yoga practitioners the confidence and tools to share yoga in their communities.

Our  200  Hour  Teacher  Training  Program  is  rooted  in  learning  the  foundations  of  yoga  as  well  as  finding  your  unique  expression  of  the  yoga  practice.      This  program  will  give  you  a  deeper  understanding  of  the  yoga  tradition  and  the  tools  to  be  able  to  confidently  begin  teaching  a  well-rounded  yoga  class.      You  will  also  be  guided  on  a  journey  to  discover  your  unique  purpose  in  the  industry  and  through  expanding  your  knowledge  of  different  teaching  methodologies,  help  you  find  your  authentic  teaching  style.    We  will  enjoy  daily  physical  and  meditation  practices,  deep  discussions  on  a  variety  of  topics  and  inspiring  group  activities.

Learning  Objectives:
• Get  equipped  with  a  foundational  yoga  sequence  that  serves  as  a  blueprint  from  which  to  start  teaching  and  is  easily  adaptable  to  various  styles
• Confidently  integrate  of  cueing  methodology  into  your  teaching
• Understand  principles  of  effective  hands  on  assisting  and  learn  basic  assists
• Develop  a  basic  understanding  of  the  meaning  of  yoga,  yoga  philosophy  and  ethics  including  an  introduction  to  the  Eight  Limbs  of  Yoga  ,  Yoga  Sutras  and  The  Business  of  Yoga
• Experience  various  styles  of  meditation,  learn  how  to  incorporate  a  regular  meditation  practice  into  daily  life  and  learn  to  teach  meditation  to  others
• Understand  the  power  of  purpose  and  how  to  shine  in  your  yoga  niche
• Get  equipped  with  theming  and  sequencing  methodologies  to  help  create  memorable  and  unique  classes
• Gain  a  deeper  understanding  of  applied  energetic  and  physical  anatomy

Total  Hours:
•140  classroom  contact  hours
•40  practice  contact  hours
•20  homework  hours

Required  Reading:

•Journey  Into  Power  by  Baron  Baptiste
•Meditations  from  the  Mat  by  Rolf  Gates
•Wisdom  of  Yoga  by  Stephen  Cope
•The  Key  Muscles  of  Yoga
•Scientific  Keys  (Volume  1)  by  Ray  Long

We  meet  4 weekends over 4 consecutive months.
•Thursdays  meet  from  4:30pm-9:30pm

•Fridays  &  Saturdays  meet  from  8am-7pm
•Sundays  meet  from  8am-4pm

Paid  in  Full  Option  –  $2400
Payment  Plan  Option  –  $300  payment
**Tuition  includes  3  months  of  FREE  yoga!**

Additional  Information:
•Cancellations  –  Students  receive  a  refund  minus  $300  if  a  cancellation  request  is  made  in  writing  before  21  days  of  the  program  start  date.    There  are  no  refunds  for  cancellation  requests  made  within  the  21  day  start  date  window.
•Make-up  Hours  –  No  more  than  10  total  hours  of  training  are  allowed  to  be  missed.    All  training  hours  must  be  made  up  in  a  manner  decided  upon  by  your  trainer.
•Certification  –  Certificates  are  issued  via  email  within  10  business  days  of  the  training  completion  date,  once  all  hours,  requirements  and  payments  have  been  fulfilled.

Instructors  Bio’s:

Ryan  Rodgers,  eRYT200 is focused on the Self;  mind,  body, spirit as well as the rebalancing of and connection to one’s  authentic  Self.  He embraces the disciplines & journey the of the yoga practice and living a yogic life.  Ryan’s  calm focused energy grounds his students and sets them up for success in their own practice.  His message and methodology in his yoga classes feed his students with positive affirmation, personal growth, and fosters living a healthier, more peaceful lifestyle.    His own true- life experience,  hardships, and personal breakthroughs inspire him to guide his students through the rapids of a difficult power yoga practice.    He is a student of life,  possibilities, and of his own practice.  Ryan has over  500hrs of study (power yoga, yoga sculpt,  restorative) and is always looking to grow and learn.  His classes are about quieting the mind, keeping the channel open and exploring one’s  self.    In the understanding that we are all unique, but we are also all one.    He creates an environment which allows his students to get into their own practice.  He motivates the individual to grow out of their fixed patterns, or controlled habits.    There is a strong emphasis on the balance of Self; mind,  body,  spirit.

Whether your journey into Teacher Training is rooted in a commitment to caring for yourself, diving deeper into the life-changing benefits of yoga or your future as a teacher, in this training you will find increased clarity and confidence in your practice, a deeper connection to caring for your body and mind, and an empowering way to share this knowledge through your teaching.  Experience firsthand the transformational power of the tools of yoga through immersion in the practice, self-exploration, group discussion, activities and plenty of real time teaching opportunities…we start practice teaching on the very first day!  If you are passionate about yoga, have a desire to learn more,wanting to grow both on and off your mat, and are possibly dabbling or maybe even confident in wanting to share yoga in some capacity, then contact us today.

For more specific information and to have all of your questions answered, email us at info@dobayouyoga.com.