Ever notice how starting a healthy habit is easy, but sticking with it…not so much? That’s true even when it comes to doing something we deeply love, like practicing yoga. Work, family responsibilities, and all of other life’s to-dos simply get in the way. Our classes are designed to help energize and deepen your yoga practice. By offering fun, fresh yoga practices that are based in anatomy and physiology, you’ll quickly appreciate how a power yoga practice at Bayou Yoga can be transformational. Our classes safely integrate strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular elements that are proven to improve your physical health and provide more confidence, clarity of purpose and a renewed spirit.

Perhaps you're completely new to yoga, or perhaps you've taken a break and are ready to begin again. Our 21 Day Challenge is designed to help anyone get started and begin reaping the benefits of a daily yoga practice. After 21 days of consistent practice at Bayou Yoga, you’ll cultivate a consistent practice that you can carry with you for years to come, plus the healthy mind, body, and spirit that comes with it!

Studies indicate that it takes 21 Days for a behavior to transform into a habit. Make power yoga a daily habit for the next 21 days with unlimited access to studio classes and feel the difference!