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By providing intimate classes that allow for individual attention, Bayou Yoga’s devotion to your practice will provide you with the insight to ensure that your practice flourishes. Our classes embody the dual goals of our practice at Bayou Yoga. The class is designed to nourish your body and empower your being. Stemming from the traditional 8 limbs of Ashtanga yoga, we set a tempo that is is invigorating and follow a fast-paced intensity that integrates physically challenging asanas and core isolation to sculpt lean, defined muscles and mental clarity. Our classes are appropriate for all levels and paired with pretty dynamic playlists, if we do say so ourselves.

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Utkatasana, We Love to Hate You

  Utkatasana!  Just the sound of  those five syllables is enough to make our legs shake, and for good reason, too!  Utkatasana, otherwise known as Chair pose, is an intense thigh and glute strengthener.  In fact, some of the best thigh and quadriceps strengthening and training can come from long chair holds.   For beginner […]

Bout You Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge!

The beauty of yoga radiates through our bodies… if you let it. Through excellent practice, yoga brings health and grace in the body, delight in the face, sweetness and depth in the voice, clarity in the eyes, cleanliness in the nerves, and abundance of vigor and vitality.  In the words of B.K.S. Iyengar, himself, yoga […]


The RIGHT yoga class makes all the difference!

Three years ago, I was out with friends on a Tuesday night, enjoying a pint of beer. New Year’s Day had come and gone, and I had broke every potential resolution in my repertoire. You know, the promise to eat healthier, exercise more, or my personal favorite– the less tangible resolutions such as stopping procrastination, […]


The Yogi High

Even though I’m the one at the front of the room barking “updog, down dog, now hold plank” with what I’m sure is perceived as a stead fast devotion to our health, I can honestly say that I’m mentally struggling. I’m not a born doer; I’m a born sit-on-the-coucher. I’m a born stuff my face […]

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