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By providing intimate classes that allow for individual attention, Bayou Yoga’s devotion to your Power Yoga practice will provide you with the insight to ensure that your practice flourishes. Our Power Yoga flow is designed to follow a variety of sequencing that integrates physically challenging Asanas to sculpt lean, defined muscles and provide mental clarity.
Nourish your body and empower your being.

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Small group classes: 10-20 people, based in Power-Vinyasa, ranging from beginner to advanced Vinyasa 1-2: cardio-based flow class, utilizing strength training and promoting flexibility              Power Yoga: our signature advanced class that can burn up to 700 calories and show results ASAP) Corecentric: 30 minute core strengthening class Power Down: Late afternoon Sunday wind-down class […]

Bayou yoga schedule

2016: The Year of Power Yoga

The New Year will be here before you know it. When that big mirrored ball drops in Times Square, we’re sure you’ll have some hopes and dreams for 2016. Bayou Yoga is here to help with a calendar designed to help you reach your goals! All too often, we hear things like: “I’m going to […]


Why Do We Love Yoga? Let Us Count the Ways!

The more mainstream yoga has become, the more the focus has been on the physical benefits of muscular strength and improved flexibility resulting from a regular yoga practice ignoring the immediate benefits felt from within.  The mind becomes as addicted and enthralled by the yoga practice as the body does. Therefore the mind craves it […]


Utkatasana, We Love to Hate You

  Utkatasana!  Just the sound of  those five syllables is enough to make our legs shake, and for good reason, too!  Utkatasana, otherwise known as Chair pose, is an intense thigh and glute strengthener.  In fact, some of the best thigh and quadriceps strengthening and training can come from long chair holds.   For beginner […]

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